Swift Like A Dagger!

There's a new song up on the 'music' page, called Swift Like A Dagger. Vocals, guitar, mandolin, melodeon and pump organ, all done by myself. Listen, download and enjoy! And something else. Ever wanted to take a closer look at Old Lost John's lyrics? Click on the song titles, and the lyrics will appear before your eyes!


Jorge August 16, 2013 @10:18 am
I'm one of those evil guild leaders that makes forum praticipation fairly mandatory but back in Iniquity it was quite worthwhile. The forums weren't voids of activity. I can see how that would be a major negative. The guild would fill lifeless and inactive even if that wasn't the case. Sometimes, I don’t feel like listening to the inane drivel when we’re not raiding, but I’m considered a jerk for not hopping on vent when we do a heroic or even when we’re just online doing our own thing. Being antisocial or something. I'm with you on this one. I grew up in the old school where we didn't have voice chat. If I wasn't leading a raid or handling business I normally immediately moved to officer chat where only officers could follow. I've always been accused of being anti-social because of it. Voice chat opens people up to say anything and everything. Dresden calls it diarrhea of the mouth. If someone has to type they generally only type important things.I still use ventrilo with my gaming group though and we all share similar opinions so it works out. Although lately I can't get it to work right. If I have EQ2 running I have to tab out to queue up.Beyond that, what are some tools you use Beej? Any tips for the kids in the audience?